Monday, October 23, 2006


Drowning in your lies
shifting gears
trying to keep up,
stay focused,
be flexible-
bend but don’t break
reach but don’t touch
feel but not too much.

Happy not sad
easy not hard
close but distant
here but not there
now but not then.

So when?
Slowly descend into despair
can’t keep up
can’t fall back
can’t go forward

Stuck here with nothing
only dark things
Can’t get out of bed
can’t see the sun
can’t see the moon
can’t see me and you.

Far away a breeze blows
sweet, clean, and clear
Sweeping through the darkness
bringing something new
something to hang on to
something real
but just out of reach

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JargonTalk said...

Powerful words, would love to see more...