Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hang over you left me with...

Complex, convoluted, corrupted
destroyed, dethroned, demanding
undercover, understated, underrated
slipping through my fingers
like last night’s dreams of you.

Dreams of you that filter through
a fog of Celexa and sleep
reaching out for me
they keep
me unstable
and completely unable
to move.

Is it you or someone
I dreamt of
being you?

Twisted in the bed sheets
caught in the sleep
I reach for you
but you were just a dream.
So far away from the truth
just out of reach.
Too foggy, to far removed
from the universe where you shine.

I can still smell your soap on my pillow
feel your skin on my skin
your heart beating inside of mine.
A dream, just a dream.

I long for your stories
your arms around my shoulders
the laugh in your voice
the little boy in your blue eyes.
A dream, just a dream
you keep slipping away…
slipping away with the dawning light.

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