Saturday, November 06, 2010

On Turning 50...

It’s funny to actually be 50 years old. Somehow, I never thought I’d get here. It always seemed so far away! But here I am, I’ve been 50 for one day. Nothing really feels different, but I’m definitely wiser than I was a year ago. So, seems like time for another “things I’ve learned”….

Tomorrow usually is a better day.

Friends are those people who only want the best for you; who love you even when you screw up; celebrate your victories large and small; tell you the truth; and if you do something stupid, even after they told you it was stupid they will still give you a hug and let you cry on their shoulder.

Kindness gets you a lot farther than bullying

I know I’ve said this before but in the light what’s happened lately, do not walk around barefoot or you will step on a slug.

Keep the past in the past. It will only mess up your future.

Be careful who you put your trust in. Not everyone is worthy of it.

Love your kids unconditionally and let them go when it’s time.

The hardest thing in the world is losing your mom… or your dad… OK that’s not true. The hardest thing in the world is losing your child…

When you have a brilliant idea, write it down right away.

People really do tell you who they are. You need to listen. They aren’t kidding.

A hug from your kid makes everything better. So does a purring kitty in your lap.

Taking chances is often worth it, even if you fall on your face.

Feel the fear and do it anyway… but have a back up plan… But you really can do it…

Change is constant. Get used to it.

A person’s anger is something to pay attention to. Especially if they start hitting things.

If your relationship has to be a secret, get out now. Nothing good can come of that. And you probably aren’t “the one”.

Trust your own judgment…. well, I should say, trust your instincts. Sometimes the judgment part is a little off but your instincts will never let you down.

Love makes us blind, sex makes us stupid.

Yes, I really did just say that… And that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

The best thing you can do for someone is to be their soft place they can fall.

An encouraging word can change someone’s life.

As my dad always told me, a writer writes.

If you can find your passion and make it your life’s work, you can’t go wrong. If you can’t make it your life’s work, do it anyway. It will feed your soul.

When your dad shows your writing to an MIT technical writing professor then arranges a luncheon with them, it’s because he loves you and has faith in you. It wasn’t to embarrass the hell out of you. (Thanks Dad)

Be grateful.

Stop and smell the roses. They won’t last forever.

In a divorce, the kids’ well being is the only thing that matters. Try to be civil to each other. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up being good friends.

Lead by example not by dogma. It will leave you with good karma. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Laugh a lot but cry once in awhile. It’s OK, really.

We never have our parents long enough. We’re never ready for them to go. And it’s really hard to move on without them. (Remember dad, you aren’t allowed to die now)

Everyone is beautiful even if you have to look to find it.

Everyone loves to get mail that isn’t a bill. Send a card, you’ll make someone smile.

There is always something new to learn. Be open to it.

Hate is harder to overcome that love.

Moms love handmade gifts. Draw her a picture or knit her a scarf. Whatever it is you do, she will love it. (Even when it’s a felt slug with teeth or a uterus stuffy)

I will never be 5’10 AND blonde. I’ve had to get over it. So should you.

It’s OK to wear glasses. It doesn’t mean you’re frumpy. It means you can’t see.

Snoring is not a character flaw. It’s just annoying.

Go to your doctor. I know, you hate going to the doctor. It can save your life.

Despite what they tell you, everything is not related to your age or your weight. And if they insist that it is, get a second opinion.

Dogs are always happy to see you. Cats are always ready to be fed.

Take long walks just avoid short piers.

Take your camera everywhere. You never know when you’ll come across that perfect shot.

Even with all it’s pitfalls and potholes, life is good; give it all you’ve got. You may not get another chance…