Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A slice of time.

There is so much I need to say
I am here in this slice
of time
with you
And I know
for the first time

I have opened myself up
to you
because you
accept me
without judgment
without exceptions
without expectations

Here with you
I just am…
not good
not bad
just me

I have no fear
when I am near you
no censor
no self-doubt.

You have helped
me to come
out of a cocoon
A shell
so carefully built
constructed to
what was left
of this broken

One small piece
at a time
you loosened
then lifted
the shell
because you saw
the butterfly
trapped inside…

The butterfly
I couldn’t
see or feel.
The butterfly
I thought
was gone…

1 comment:

JargonTalk said...

Somehow the butterfly flies so high above gin joints. Great photo of Kippy as well.

Beautiful thoughts, and nicely laid out as well. Your words are so powerful, and resonate your emotions. Wish that I had your gift for poetry...